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New York is surely one of the grandest cities in the world when it comes to high-end features. Known as a gigantic city, the five boroughs that it holds are already relative to a large city. These boroughs can be split into districts. These districts teem with grand restaurants, accommodation and nightlife options and more.

Just in case you are not aware, New York City is the most

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populous United States cities. It is situated at the doorway of the Hudson River. When it comes to geographical measures, the city has a total and area of three hundred five square kilometres.

Aside from being an enormous city, there are lots of things that New York can be proud of. To amaze tourists, it is a hub of for media, food, art, fashion, culture, finance, trade and research. Apart from these, it also holds hone of the world’s largest and most popular skyline which is prevailed by the skyscraper Empire State Building.

As cited earlier, NYC has five boroughs which also comprises of five separate counties. Each borough comes with its own distinctive culture. The essence of New York lifestyle is illuminated with music lauds as well as films few blocks from the boroughs. In connection to this, wherever you live in the city largely defines your personality.

The five boroughs are illumination of the city of New York. With its sightseeing destinations, rich cultures, competent economy and high-end lifestyle options, no wonder that it is one of the two world Cities. Now that you are aware with the personality that New York City has, you would surely have gained knowledge what to expect from the city just in case you decide to live here.


The city experiences humid continental temperature with four seasons. During summer, it experiences humid and hot climate from June to September, dry and cool winters from September to December and wet march to June Springs. New York can be susceptible to the occurrence of snowstorm as well as similar storm like that of topical ones. However, snow is rare more than several days. The city can also be hit by tropical storms in summer as well as early fall.


The diverse inhabitants range from some of the richest socialites and celebrities to the homeless New Yorkers. There are is also large number of immigrants residing in the city. Since its founding, the population of the city has been known for its diversity. The ethnic culture of the city reflects the personality of the five counties. The Chinatown of Manhattan island is still a symbolism of vibrant Chinese community.


Ney York is the home of forty six Fortune Companies. If it happens that it is a nation, it would be the sixteen highest gross domestic products on Earth. The reasons why there are many immigrants living in the city can be easily seen with the immense growth of the economy.

How to get there

New York City serves to be code to all of the airports in the city. In connection to this, it is highly linked to travel by air courtesy of flights from almost any part of the world. Several small airports including three large ones serve the city. Newark Liberty International Airport and John F. Kennedy International Airport assume the role of international airports. On the other hand, LaGuardia Airport is a domestic one. All of the said ports are operated by Airport Authority of New York and New Jersey.

There are also general aviation companies as well as jet travellers out of the region. As such, there are air charters as well as air taxi firms including Jet Charter and the Early Air way which holds wide array of private jets and aircrafts.